Thrifty Ways To Maximise Your Beauty Products and Green Up Your Beauty Routine

With all this extra time cooped up indoors and behind screens, and much less, an ongoing pandemic in our wake, it’s all too normal to feel a little restless and imbalanced. Part of this discomfort also comes with the fact that we now have to grapple with a future that appears even more uncertain than ever.

And though beauty isn’t certainty, our routines when it comes to skincare definitely is. Even if we aren’t high maintenance when it comes to our self-care routines, in one way or another, we do things to make beauty ours a little in everyday ways.

With this time spent indoors, why not take some extra time to look at your beauty shelves and find new, interesting ways to maximise your products, greening them up in the process?

From how to make your beauty products last longer to tips on beauty and skincare collection curation, we list out some ways to maximise your beauty shelf for a zero-waste beauty routine

Regularly sanitise your makeup brushes for them to last longer

We love our makeup brushes as much as the next girl - these tools can really help give off that flawlessly blended finish! But prolonged use without cleaning can lead to an excess collection of a myriad of bacteria and grime, including makeup pigments, dead skin cells and layers of oil from your skin. Regular sanitization will do your skin some good, and also helps these brushes last longer. Good makeup brushes last for years when taken care of well enough, so be sure to wash them at least two or three times a month to keep your bristles in place and working as they should.


To sanitize, rinse your brushes thoroughly with lukewarm water and an antibacterial soap, massaging them till the water runs clear. Leave to dry on a clean towel with the tip hanging over the side of a solid surface so they keep their shape, and then spritz them after with alcohol spray to make sure they are completely sanitized.   

Use a spatula for any products that require application by hand

Using our fingers when applying cream or powder type products on our skin may give us better control over the amount of product used, without having to clean any extra products, but it makes it more likely to accumulate bacteria, too. The fact is, there will always be bacteria on our skin and fingernails no matter how clean our hands are, which are easily transferred to our closed pots and jars.

So next time you’re applying some cream, opt for a spatula to scoop out the desired amount instead – only then can rule out “double dipping” contamination woes, which affect the lifespan of your beloved beauty and skincare products.   

Cut your tubes in half to get the remaining bits out

If you have a favourite shampoo or conditioner that comes in an tube or container, you can sympathise with the frustration that comes with trying to squeeze those last bits of your product out. Here's the solution: cut the packaging up into half! That way, you can scrape out all of the precious product in order to get the most out of your purchase.. You can do this before disposing your “empties” (in their appropriate bins) or just transfer them with a spatula or spoon into a reusable container from the very start.  You’ll be surprised by how much product you’ll be saving.

Make use of your free samples

Extra time indoors gives you time to experiment with your existing stash, too, and what better way to do so than with the free beauty samples you've accumulated? Opt to go through the remaining of these freebies before reaching for your next refill. This is the perfect opportunity to try something new without paying for a full-sized product, and much less will go to waste!

Read the labels and make sure you store them in the right

Where you store your products can make a significant difference to their lifespan,  depending on it's ingredients and type of packaging. With more "active" skincare ingredients in our products now, like retinol or Vitamin C, they are more prone to instability and can react easily with air and light to oxidize, quickly making it ineffective.

While bottles that are opaque tend to keep for longer than transparent ones, the general rule is to store your serums, fragrances and polishes in cold, dark and dry places. Pop them in your fridge to further extend their lifespan and for some added freshness the next time you pick you use your products!

Re-organise your beauty shelf and plan ahead

Now would be a great time to take a look at what you have in your beauty shelf to pick out your “dailies” and what are considered “impulse buys.”This helps you see what you can restock on and what you can finish up, and you'll have a clearer idea of what you'll want to shop for the next time you're restocking.

Curating your beauty and skincare products also gives you a better idea of how long you can use something before its Best Before date.This could also help unearth forgotten gems that show what you already have, so you buy less, waste less, and save more.

Letting beauty and skincare come full circle with Beauty Pantry

If you chance upon a couple of brand new lipsticks or lightly dusted eyeshadow palettes that you no longer have use for, consider joining the Beauty Pantry community to give back. There is no better time now than to cleanse and renew, and since everyone is guilty of splurging at some point, there is a way to help preloved beauty and skincare find a new home.