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Beauty Pantry’ s philosophy lies in creating an environmentally and wallet friendly alternative to beauty shopping which includes the buying/trading of preowned beauty products.


Beauty Pantry was born out of a simple question: What can I do to help?

Every day, 28,000 tons of single-use plastic is disposed into our oceans, and many of which, comes from our personal care products. 

It has been said that the climate crisis is the defining challenge of our generation. As we started paying attention to what was going on in the world, with rising sea levels, developing pandemics, and more, it soon became apparent to us that it is a quickly unfolding emergency. As a group of ordinary people who are passionate about the earth and the little luxuries that beauty, skincare, and makeup brings, we grew increasingly concerned about the ongoing climate crisis and sought to find better and more sustainable ways to shop for beauty products.

 We decided that rather than simply waiting on corporations and governments to take action,we chose to make individual change. So, we started at our own homes, and with our own beauty shelves - so many products that were being unused, and left to waste. What to do with all of them?


Our Story  

The issue of an ever expanding, under-utilised beauty shelf was put to the test when we started embarking on roadshows that promoted "beauty swaps." People would come down with products that they no longer wanted, but were in perfectly good condition, to swap for something else instead. The products we received, often to alarming quantities, proved a point: people were simply buying more than they needed, and these products could much better serve someone else than being left to waste. Thus, we introduced Beauty Pantry, a second pantry that can be seen as an extension of your beauty shelf. 




We believe that the beauty industry is an often overlooked aspect when it comes to conscious consumption. Beauty Pantry first began as a student project, previously known as Beauty Uncovered, with a mission to raise awareness about sustainable and ethical beauty. This culminated with kick starting Singapore's very first Ethical Beauty Marketplace, an event for local clean beauty labels. 


From there, we realized that there was growing interest in more sustainable forms of beauty, but no established platform as of yet. We sought to bridge that gap with not only providing a sustainable alternative to shopping, but a growing content platform for all things sustainable beauty.


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