1. What do you mean by lightly-used?

Beauty products that have been:

a. used a few times

b. Are in mint condition

c. still have more than 90% of the product left.


2. How do you maintain the hygiene risks of pre-owned beauty products?

We will be sanitising the beauty products using rubbing alcohol. Surfaces will be wiped down and the contents inside disinfected, if the products have been opened and used before. Refer to our Hygiene Policy for more information.

3. How do you vett the quality of the products?

To make the shopping experience pleasant for all, we expect to only put up products that are physically in mint condition, and have not expired. We will conduct the basic tests of checking for mold, smelling, and testing the consistency of the product (if opened and used before). We have compiled a List of Accepted Brands to control the quality of products that we receive. 




4. Why should I still pay for products pre-owned? 

Beauty Pantry is a platform offering an alternative method of consumption. We’re shedding light on the issue of unnecessary and excessive consumption today, and breathing new life and love into products which will be otherwise neglected. Why buy something completely brand new when you can access something that was previously lying in your’s/someone else’s beauty shelf? 

It is our hope that with promoting shopping for pre-owned items, we reduce our overall carbon footprint as consumers of beauty products, and the perception that comes with excessive consumption today.  


5. If I am unsatisfied with my purchase, can I return it and ask for a refund?

Unfortunately, we will not be accepting returns or requests for refunds. If you encounter any major issues with your products, you can send an email to us at beautypantryco@gmail.com with your order number in the title, and we will get back to you as soon as we can! Refer to our Returns Policy for more information. 


6. How long will it take for my products to be delivered?

For all orders within Singapore, it will take 3-5 working days for your product to reach you. Package tracking is available for all orders!


7. What's the difference between the Marketplace and the Website?

The Beauty Pantry Marketplace is a platform for our community to independently buy, sell, trade amongst themselves. Anyone can join the telegram group to access the product listings, or to list their own products for sale. Beauty Pantry does not take any responsibility for the deals that go on between users, and will not take any profits from sales. The website is currently going through some changes, but will be running a clearance sale for the rest of our past collections.