Beauty Pantry Marketplace

We've redesigned our beauty swapping experience and are excited to introduce to you the future of beauty shopping! Our Beauty Pantry Marketplace is now LIVE for you to buy, sell and swap brand new and lightly-used beauty products at your own convenience.

It's simple, anyone can list products they wish to offload. Join the community - choose pre-loved and reduce waste! 




• Products must be in good condition - brand new, swatched or lightly-used

• No expired products. If there is no expiry date, only list items purchased in the last 12 months.

• No counterfeit products. Only list items purchased from a recognised retailer.

• For lightly-used items, try not to include items that are more prone to contamination e.g.liquids that come with wands/ applicators, e.g. lip gloss, mascara, liquid eyeliners, skincare that come in tubs

• Only resell trusted brands



• Only post listing once. No spamming/reposting

• Delete your post once item is sold

• Pre-owned items only! No pre-order items allowed

• Deal at your own risk

• No promoting of your/other shops, must be posted on personal basis only 

• Do not send links/forward any post


If you have any further queries, drop us a message!