Contribute to the Pantry

We're closing public collections for now! For any inquiries or requests, please drop us an email at:

Welcome to the future of beauty shopping! Here's how we do it:

(1) Check which products are still good-for-use
Get familiar with our Pantry Guidelines for information on what products we will be accepting. Take special care to check that your items meet the requirements as we may enforce a penalty if we have to dispose of the rejected products on your behalf.

(2) Register your items with the Inventory Form

We'll need this to confirm we received your items and contact you. 

(3) Mail your items to the Pantry
Be sure to label your full name on the package you mail to us, so we can identify which items are yours. Indicate which products are brand new, swatched and lightly-used (for example, you could write a summary of the products on a piece of paper together with your items, or use different coloured stickers to differentiate the products)

(4) Receive your points!
We'll contact you after we have received your items and will send you a personalised promo code! Please expect a response between 5-7 working days, to assess and clean your products after it reaches us.

(5) Shop with us online
All products that have been dropped off with us will undergo stringent assessment and quality checks before they’re approved to be listed in the Pantry. They will be sanitised with rubbing alcohol on the outside (and inside, if used before ), lipstick surfaces cut off, used powder puffs removed etc, before we mail you your products.

For more information, check through our Terms & Conditions when shopping with us. We’re here to create a safe and reliable platform for shopping pre-loved beauty shopping but will need the support from you too!