Quality and Risk Assurance

At Beauty Pantry, we adhere to strict quality standards to ensure a safe and quality shopping experience for all.


Our acceptance criteria as follows:

1. Products must be in good condition

We will only be accepting products that are brand new, swatched or lightly-used. These products must be in close-to-perfect condition.

• Brand New - Never used, unopened, preferably sealed (especially tubs, liquid products with wands and applicators)

• Swatched - Product still looks good as new, but with evidence of a single swatch

• Lightly used - Product has been used only a few times, with at least 90% of the product that remains

2. No expired products

As a general rule of thumb, we typically will not accept products with manufacturing dates before 2017, even if they are unopened. We encourage users to only contribute products they purchased recently (in the last 12 months).

3. Definite no-nos

Liquid products that come with a wand or applicator will not be accepted unless brand new and unopened. These include lip glosses, liquid concealers, mascaras, liquid eyeliners, etc

Skin care products that come in tubs will not be accepted unless brand new and still sealed, due to potential contamination.

4. Only trusted brands

We only accept items that have their product information and ingredients written in English, and from a list of trusted brands. Text written in other languages (e.g. Korean, Japanese) will be determined on a case by case basis. Find out more here.

Our hygiene assessments:

All products that have been dropped off with us will undergo stringent assessment and quality checks before they’re approved to be listed in the Pantry.

  • All products:
    Surfaces will be wiped down with rubbing alcohol on the outside, and inside, if used before. Products are left to fully dry before they are closed and kept away. 
  • Used lipsticks:
    The top layer of used lipsticks will also be cut off, and the remaining bullet spritzed with rubbing alcohol. The product is left to fully dry before it is closed and kept away. 
  • Used palettes:
    Eyeshadows, blush and highlighter palettes (or similar) are spritzed with rubbing alcohol. The product is left to fully dry before it is closed and kept away. 
  • Applicators that come with other products: 
    All used powder puffs/pads are removed. Brushes will be washed or thrown away depending on their condition.
For more information, check out our terms and conditions.