Shipping Policy

All the prices of the Sale Item(s) are exclusive of postage and payments fee which shall be charged at the following rates.

All delivery times referred to above are estimates only, and Beauty Pantry does not accept any liability for failure to deliver the Sale Item(s) within the stated delivery period, provided however, that the delivery occurs within 30 days from the date of the order of the Buyer.

3.3 Beauty Pantry accepts the payment in Singapore Dollars only by cash on delivery, by credit, debit card or Paypal. However, Beauty Pantry may accept other forms of payment from time to time, which will be clearly indicated on the Website.

3.4 If the Buyer is paying by credit or debit card, in making payment the Buyer confirms that the credit/debit card that is being used is the Buyer’s or that the Buyer has specific authority to use it to buy from Beauty Pantry. If the Buyer is paying by Paypal the Buyer confirms that the Paypal account belongs to the Buyer and/or the has the authority to make the payment.

3.5 Payment will be debited from the account of Buyer (from which the payment is being made) on the day on which the Buyer has placed the order with Beauty Pantry.

3.6 The Buyers who are holders of credit or debit cards and/or the Holders of the cards who have authorized the use of the cards by the Buyers may be subject to validation checks and authorization by issuer of their card. StyleTribute accepts no responsibility for your card issuer to refuse payment authorization and StyleTribute shall not be liable for any resulting delay or non-delivery.

3.7 Items will be insured by Beauty Pantry prior to postage until the Sale Item(s) is delivered. Once the Buyer has confirmed the receipt of delivery of the Sale Item(s) by means of a signature then the responsibility of Buyer’s Sale Item(s) is then passed to the Buyer and Beauty Pantry will no longer be the held responsible for any damage and/or loss caused to the Sale Item(s). If someone else signs for delivery of the Sale Item(s) on the behalf of the Buyer (whether or not they have authority to do so), the Buyer shall be treated as having received the Item.

3.8 Beauty Pantry aims to dispatch the Sale Item(s) within 3 (three) to 5(five) working days i.e. day(s) other than Saturday and Sunday (“Working Days”) of receiving the order of the Buyer (if accepted), the office hours of Beauty Pantry for shipping are 9.00am – 6.00pm (Singapore time). Beauty Pantry does not accept any liability for failure to dispatch Items within the abovementioned time frame